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The decision to enroll my middle daughter in a dual educational program where she was able to augment her Hillel education with guidance and extra classes at Kesher, was a difficult one but one for which I am forever grateful.  A certified pre-school teacher and a new mother, Danielle can now appreciate how much Kesher did for her year after year.
I am also proud that my third daughter Talia began at Kesher at the kindergarten cottage.  Now 22 and living independently, she works as a counselor for after-care children at our own Jewish Community Center.  She pays her bills, runs errands, and has a strong sense of confidence.  I believe this is all due to Kesher and the nurturing quality of the teachers and environment, which prepare students for life after graduation.
Without the devotion, dedication and Rabbi Levy’s belief in his teachers and staff members, Kesher would not be what it is today.  I have seen growth beyond compare since I became a Kesher parent, not only in the number of students and classrooms, but in the level of independence the students have been able to maintain.

Fayanne Kuttler Kesher Parent
Board of Directors

Words cannot express the joy I feel since my child Ike has attended the Kesher Program at Hillel. In just 2 years of being at the Kesher school, Ike has gone from failure to success! Not only are his grades soaring, his self-confidence has gone from broken to happiness.
He is learning methods to reach his potential in a manner and form that works for him as an individual student and not just a program for the masses. He is excelling in his studies and playing the cello as well as being interested in learning Hebrew and thinking about his faith and community. He has made many friends in both Kesher and mainstream Hillel.
Without the Kesher program, I don’t know where we would be today or if Ike would have ever excelled to the young man he is today.

Stacey Schrager Kesher Parent

I have been a teacher for over 15 years and I worked at Kesher as a teacher for seven years. Kesher taught me what the meaning of work family is. The Kesher administration and teachers are the best people I have ever worked with and having the privilege to teach the Kesher students was an experience second to none.  Seeing my students excel in their lives beyond Kesher is the best form of success a teacher could ask for.
I am grateful to be a part of this family again in my participation as a board member and appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience for the continued betterment of the school.

Debbie Salama Kesher Teacher
Board of Directors

“My Kesher, or connection, to this organization was inspired by my best friend’s son, who was a former Kesher student.  Once I saw the immeasurable differences Kesher made in his life – and in the lives of so many other students – I decided that Kesher was where I wanted to spend my free time. I spent many years as a lay leader, and then parlayed my experience to help raise scholarship dollars by implementing new events.
I began fundraising on a full-time basis, and served on the Kesher Board of Directors for more than a decade concluding with my position as Board Chair.  Kesher had become a priority in my life and something I was very passionate about. Fast forward 15 years, I have now been the Director of Development for the past five years and plan to work, and stay involved here for as long as possible.”

Ilene Weinkle  Director of Development

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