Our History

  • Today the largest program of its kind in the US, Kesher was first founded as a class of four students at Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach in the fall of 1995. It was the brainchild of a group of local day school administrators, teachers and parents who recognized the need for a Jewish special education program for students who needed more than what a typical class setting could offer. Believing that every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education, the goal was to bring each student to his/her level of academic potential and social independence.
  • From the start, enrollment steadily increased. The need to serve children further north in the county led to the establishment of Kesher classes on the Scheck Hillel Community School campus where our school is currently located.
  • A fully accredited, independent day school within a larger day school setting, Kesher serves 1st through 12th grade students providing special education in both self-contained classrooms and mainstream integration for both secular and Judaic studies.
  • Over the years, Kesher earned a reputation as the undisputed leader for providing special education services to the South Florida community. In 2007, Kesher
    established its Community Resource Division as a response to other schools as well as both Broward and Dade CAJE (the Federation-affiliated agencies responsible for Jewish education) seeking assistance in providing services to students beyond the Kesher campus.
  • Our resource program offers a wide array of services including staffing, consultation, teacher training and mentoring, needs assessment, as well as program design and management. We currently provide services to Yeshiva Toras Chaim, RASG Hebrew Academy, Scheck Hillel Community School, and Lehrman Community Day School.

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