Kloda Whitebook Kesher Academy has long endeavored to not turn away any child we can serve. Admissions are based on the critical analysis of recent psycho-educational testing, a pre-enrollment interview with the educational director and/or an observation in the child’s present learning environment. All enrollment decisions are made by an intake committee. Applications to Kesher are by invitation after our review process. A current psycho-educational evaluation is required. Please see our admission testing requirements here.

step 1
Contact the office at 305.792.7060 or email
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step 2
Schedule Call with Admission’s Coordinator
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step 3
Submission of most recent psycho- educational assessment as well as prior individual education plans and/or teacher reports
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step 4
Please fill out and submit the Student Release Form.
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step 5
Once our admissions team has reviewed all required information, they will determine if the prospective student is a candidate. During this process a tour and campus activity day visit will be scheduled. A decision will be rendered at the completion of our admissions review.
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step 6
Admissions decision from intake committee will be made approximately 2-3 weeks from observation date
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Please feel free to contact the Kloda Whitebook Kesher Academy admissions office with any questions. Send email inquiries to or call (305)792-7060.

Ilene Weinkle,

Director of Development & Admissions Coordinator, KWKA

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