Our Philosophy

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Kesher’s vision is to be the model and comprehensive resource in the provision of special needs education within Jewish schools.

Kesher’s mission is to provide, and guide other schools in providing, an education in both Jewish and secular studies to meet the needs of the individual student and empower each student to reach his/her highest level of independent and interdependent functioning.

In its approach to students and their families, hiring of faculty, and educational programming and services,

Kesher Believes:

  • All children can learn
  • In Jewish education based on Torah values
  • In providing a balance between the finest Judaic and secular studies for each child
  • In providing each child who is accepted by the Kesher intake committee a place in a Kesher classroom
  • In providing the best special education environment to meet the educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child
  • In individualized curriculum and instructional practices that meet the student's learning styles in order to function in the least restrictive environment
  • In implementing an instructional behavioral plan (class/individual) in order to meet the needs of each student
  • That teacher's flexibility, vitality in teaching attitudes, love of teaching and willingness to change will inspire every child
  • That utilizing differentiated instruction (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile) is vital to enhancing student learning and achievement
  • In the sanctity of the family, and working to provide for the emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of each Kesher family
  • That students, teachers, administrators, volunteers, parents and community members share in the responsibility to collaborate in order to provide an optimum supportive learning environment

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