Give Your Child the Kesher Advantage!

Your child deserves every opportunity to grow and learn, Kesher is one of the premier Jewish Day Schools that is also considered one of the top ADHD schools in Miami Dade County. Kesher combines Judaism with secular teaching to help your child get the most out of their education.

ADHD Schools in Miami Dade County

Choosing the right setting for your child is imperative when you are searching for the ideal school. The Kesher advantage is ideal for most children that are struggling with ADHD because it offers:

  • Very small student to teacher ratios, in most cases there is one teacher for every three students
  • Tailored instruction programs
  • Community resources
  • Behavioral modification specialists
  • Self-contained environment
  • Torah based instruction

The Ratio

One of the keys to successful education is to ensure that every child is given the individualized attention that they need. By keeping the class sizes way down, we can provide your child with the focused attention that they deserve.

A Tailored Program

We believe that each child is unique and therefore requires specialized curriculum tailored to their needs. We do not use a blanket approach to education. We use a flexible approach with a proven method. We give your child the tools that they need to succeed by customizing a program that is specific to their individual needs.

It Takes a Village

We utilize every possible resource to ensure your child gets the education that they deserve. By combining highly qualified classroom instructors with community resources, we can give our students the education that they deserve. We nurture the mind, the spirit and enhance their education by using a wide range of resources.

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