Why Kesher For SPED in Miami Dade County?

Kesher is the Jewish Day School that provides SPED in Miami Dade County that helps you reach the educational goals you have set for your child! Our philosophy is simple “every child can learn with the right instruction”. Our special needs program is setup for success!

Our Program

At Kesher, we provide education in a self-contained environment with a very low student to teach ratio because we believe that individualized focused attention allows a child to blossom and learn. We combine secular education with Judaism to nurture both the mind and the spirit. Kesher is:

  • Fully accredited
  • Staffed with highly qualified teachers
  • Focused on individual needs
  • Your partner in your child’s education

SPED in Miami Dade County is different at Kesher because we combine the teachings of the Torah that are in line with your values, behavior modification and an exciting curriculum. Our educational opportunities are not limited to the campus, we utilize professionals from the community to offer a wide range of education opportunities to our students. We make education engaging and something your child will look forward to doing every day!

Tailored Instruction

Every child is unique. Many times, a child is not given the opportunity to get the tailored instruction that will help them thrive in most settings, but at Kesher we build our instruction around the child’s needs. In most settings, the child is expected to conform to the instruction, which can stymie growth. At Kesher, we educate the whole child and consider their individualized needs. Your child deserves the best education and that is what we provide at Kesher. Contact us to learn more about our program, enrollment opportunities and how to apply!

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